​​Yann PERROT, creator of delfdalf.fr

Yann PERROT was a member of the team which revived the DELF and the DALF in Afghanistan in 2009. At that time, he officiated as General Secretary of the DELF-DALF examinations. As such, he assisted the person in charge of the national management, president of the jury and head of exam center in all the administrative and operational procedures allowing the good organization of the DELF-DALF.

Arrived in Vietnam as chargé of linguistic and educational cooperation, Yann PERROT continued to work on the DELF-DALF examinations. A big thorough reflection was led to promote these diplomas. So, to optimize and improve the quality of the plan, an exam department was created in the beginning of 2012. Yann PERROT took the direction of this department. He also occupies the functions of president of the jury, person in charge of the national management and head of exam center.

Yann PERROT also worked on the implication of the guiding major principles of the CEFR in curricula and teaching/learning situations. He also lead numerous training courses of authorization the DELF-DALF examiners. He also conceived educational tools to help teachers and learners in the preparation for the DELF-DALF tests.

Strong in this DELF-DALF examinations expertise, on May 6th, 2013, Yann PERROT has put on-line the website delfdalf.fr. Its purpose is to supply useful and concrete information to all the people concerned by these examinations. Furthermore, so that everybody can exchange and share pages were created on the social networks:

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