​​DELF Pro A1 presentation

It is no longer possible to take the DELF Pro A1. Indeed, France Éducation international has put an end to this version of the DELF A1. Instead, we advise you to take the DELF A1 Tout Public. For all practical purposes and for archival purposes, we keep our articles on the DELF Pro.

DELF Pro A1 constitutes the first level of DELF Pro. With regard to a French-speaking professional context, DELF Pro A1 aims to assess if you are able:

- to integrate you into a new professional environment when you arrive in a new company.

- To make administrative formalities and to realize your first tasks with various workstations.

DELF Pro A1 examination is based on level A1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

​​Description of DELF Pro A1 examination

​Type of tests: DELF Pro A1
​​Mark out of
Comprehension questionnaires dealing with three or four very short recordings on everyday professional life (played twice).

Maximum duration of recordings: 3 minutes

20 minutes

​/ 25
Comprehension questionnaires dealing with four or five written documents on everyday professional life.

30 minutes

​​​/ 25
Two parts test:
    - filling in a record, a form
    - writing simple messages to describe, to explain

​​30 minutes

​​​/ 25
Three parts test:
    1. Guided conversation (Approximately 1 minute)
    2. Exchanging information (Approximately 2 minutes)
    3. Role-play (Approximately 2 minutes)

Each is related to professional situations.

5 to 7 minutes
preparation 10 minutes

​/ 2​5
Total length of group tests: 1 hour 20 minutes
* Total mark out of 100
* Overall pass mark of the DELF Pro A1: 50 / 100
* Minimum mark required per test: 5 / 25

​​Further information on DELF Pro A1

​​To go further and especially to prepare you well to the DELF Pro A1 examination, you can consult and download DELF Pro A1 sample papers.​

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