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DELF A1, A2, B1 and B2 for schools exams and diplomas

DELF scolaire
I am often ask the question: what is the difference between the DELF junior version and the DELF for schools? In fact, regarding the content, there is no difference. Indeed, it is exactly the same subjects which are proposed in the DELF junior version and in the DELF for schools. Then why this differentiation in the naming of those itemisations? The difference is purely administrative, institutional. Indeed, we speak about DELF for schools when there is a convention between local educational authorities and the French embassy. So, if in your country such an agreement exists, you will take a DELF for schools. On the contrary, if a convention does not exist, you will take a DELF junior version. Anyway, neither the DELF for schools mention, nor the DELF junior version appears on the diploma.

​​The DELF for schools in 4 independent diplomas

To learn more about the DELF for schools and in particular to obtain sample papers, according to the level which interests you, you can consult the links below:​
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